Galway Sky Atlas 1st edition

I am pleased to announce first edition of Galway Sky Atlas. It is an opensource community free a beer atlas. It coverts 200000 stars down to 10.5 magnitudes. It also contains 10000 objects from SAC deep sky database. Atlas comes on 473 charts with same layout as first edition of Uranometria.

Author believes that days of manually arranging sky charts are over. This atlas is fully computer generated by Asterope skycharting program. However it uses smart programming, so is comparable to hand optimized atlases.

This atlas is vector based and fully suitable for printing. It has advanced label positioning, nebula outlines, milky way and other stuff from professionals atlases. Unlike others it uses every square inch of paper, so it reduces your costs when printed.

This atlas is work in progress, as Asterope projects evolves. You may expect more deep sky outlines, better label positioning and so on. We also plan more detail editions down to 13 mag or even 16 mag. Catalog is currently distributed as ziped bunch of images. In future we will ad printable PDF.


Gallery with all charts

Download entire catalog as printable SVG

Download entire catalog as PNG images

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Last modification: April 23 2012

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